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    Personal Fittings

    Show us your stride! We want to ensure that each shoe is appropriate for YOUR unique biomechanics.


    The Process

    West Stride features the latest in 3D foot scanning technology via the Aetrex Albert 2 Pro foot scanner. This machine measures foot size, gauges pressure points, and utilizes video analysis with multi-dimensional mapping technology to identify inefficiencies in your stride.


    What to Expect

    We'll have you remove your shoes and socks in order to get the most comprehensive and accurate scan. We'll also ask you for a brief personal history in order to address any goals, aspirations, injuries, and the like. We then provide you with several footwear options. You try them on, walk or run on the treadmill and tell us which ones feel best to you. Well take care of figuring out the right size, amount of stability, and cushioning. You take care of telling us what feels the most comfortable on your feet!

    -What should I wear and bring?
    No dress code here, but it does help if you are in clothing thats comfortable for a short run or walk on the treadmill. Feel free to bring your current running/walking shoes, but its not necessary. DO bring any orthotics or inserts you plan to use. Other than that, just come ready to tell us about your needs and goals!

    -Do I need an appointment?
    No appointments needed! Come in anytime during regular hours and we'll be ready.


    The Bra Shoppe

    Most women have not been properly fitted in their regular bra, much less their sports bra. The correct sports bra is the second most important piece of equipment for the active woman. West Stride utilizes a specific measuring process. Similar to our shoe fitting process, we take measurements and analyze your needs, then provide you with options to try in the privacy of a dressing room. Further information is available inside the dressing room for those wishing to fit themselves.

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